Tapaszto Optic Ltd's Researd &Development Department works constantly to improve contact lenses.

We have 2 different R&D pathways to provide our partners and patients with better products.

They are:


Programs Overview

Contact lens material development

Contact lens materials have undergone a rapid development since contact lenses first appeared on the market. These medical devices have great benefits for visually impaired patients. In the past 20 years silicone hydrogel contact lenses came to the forefront of the contact lens market.
Tapaszto Optic Ltd. staff is working to develop new contact lens materials which allows enough oxygen to pass through to the eye, on the other hand also gives maximum comfort to patients, with less desiccation and increased comfort.
Contact Lens designs development Contact lenses have to satisfy many different criteria to fit properly on the cornea. They need good centration, good coverage, good movement to provide proper vision to the patients. Also contact lenses give the eye a new optical surface and as such they change the visual characteristics of the eye.
Newly developed wavefront aberrometry gave contact lens design a great help. With these instruments we are able to correct the optical aberrations caused by contact lenses.
Optical aberration changes also give us the possibility to develop contact lenses which help control myopia.