Tapaszto Optic Ltd. was founded in 1992. Since its foundation the company has been owned and operated by eyecare practitioners who have a combined experience of more than 50 years the optical industry.

Through the 1990s and early 2000s, Tapaszto Optic Ltd. served as a distributor for several international contact lens manufacturers on the Hungarian market, such as Wesley‐Jessen‐PBH Inc. (U.S.A.), Coopervision (U.S.A.), Menicon (Japan), Alcon Visioncare (U.S.A.) and J&J Vistakon (U.S.A.).

A pioneer of private branded contact lenses and lens care solutions, Tapaszto Optic has also been present on the contact lens market as manufacturer since 2005. The contact lenses bear CE marks, the company is certified by ISO 13485.

We have a research & development team on‐site and working on a daily basis with the newest technology to develop the most advanced contact lens materials and most innovative designs. Our Ultrasilk branded contact lenses were designed using wavefront technology. Our objective is to provide sharper vision and better comfort to contact lens users through a combination of the most modern 21st century diagnostic tools and manufacturing processes. 

Together with our worldwide partner companies (contract manufacturers), we manufacture a wide range of contact lenses from conventional to daily disposables. Our contact lenses are available under private label, providing more unique possibilities for optical chains, wholesalers and practitioners. With our newest wavefront guided and myopia controlled contact lenses, Relaxlens by Ultrasilk we are able to provide patients with optimized vision without compromises. These lenses help decrease visual problems for computer screen and other display equipment users such as well as tired eyes and computer vision syndrome (CVS).

As a multinational contact lens manufacturer, with solid background and maintaining good business relationship, Tapaszto Optic is a reliable partner on the local and international contact lens market.